Saturday, October 16, 2010

A trick to increase your workout results 307%

By Joel Marion CISSN, NSCA-CPT

Do you want to burn calories a thousand every workout? all you have to do is understand the principles of R-Quattro technology.

What is the R-Quattro technology?

Simply put, is R-Quattro one of the most strategic and effective progression systems ever developed to keep you from burning minimum calories per workout to more than a thousand calories per workout in as little as four weeks.

In our brand new free report here we will go over the entire system of the R-Quattro in DETAIL:

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But here is a simple summary. R-Quattro revolves around what we have considered the 4 r's of strategic progression (hence the name):

1. Repetition – the number of repetitions per exercise
2. rest – the rest periods between exercises or rounds
3. Resistance – the weight used for each exercise
4. Rounds – the number of circuits completed per workout

When you learn how to manipulate the four variables of R-Quattro in the most strategic fashion possible from workout to workout, week to week, you'll be well on your way to burning solid calories every time you step in your sneakers.

In addition to the R-Quattro parts we also our strategic Set Progression (SSP), which literally R-Quattro 3 times more effective.

It's all in our new report, and we're giving it away for freee.

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Pretty cool! R-Quattro technology and SSP are just two of the 4 keys that Joel and Arnel in their brand new report parts – get the full details by actually download the 27-page report 100% free here:

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