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Belly FAT myths: the truth behind losing belly FAT

Body fat is not all bad, that is considered. Fat, to some extent, it is good and the required body, but you must understand the difference between good and bad. If you have accumulated a large belly, and you want to lose belly fat, take at the end of the procedure, through some of the myths, – that many of us in the minds of the prevailing, and knows itself, the facts of the case.

• AB machines will not be able to develop ABS better than our body to do the exercises.ABS machinery does not very successful in the correct work of the muscles in the correct order, and they may removes fat belly. If you have to lose belly fat, you have to make a proper nutrition with cardio training and exercises.

• AB rollers do not work at all even if the ads pitch that rolls easily create amazing Abs. But the truth is that they may cause serious injury. They protect your neck and cause a painful neck injury/devastating.

• Sit-ups is not the solution to the abs and are dangerous. Anchored to the floor with you at high speed with bending the legs may actually position hip flexor muscles.It does not, therefore, cannot lose belly fat.

• Layer crunches work but the bad news is that they are overused; mediocre results should be expected. Excessive crunching can reduce abdominal walls, such as the head drooping shoulders are pulling forward.

• Starvation diet/crash diet does not provide the right nutrition is important.

• Fat burning pills are completely misguided. They may keep the symptoms, but do not delete the reasons why. You can soon enjoy back fat, you have lost interest.

• The machine based on equipment, such as the bicep curls makes muscles are working but remember to stay inactive and may reduce neurological answer.

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When we begin to get less than 40 – 45, begins to get a little will not be deleted. ' shall be replaced by the fat, the Fat is likely to cause the accumulated during the average age of around.Gradually, we begin by reviewing the spare tire, with a view to encouraging the development/love handles/fat belly. From a young age, bodies produce hormones (estrogen-women/men, testosterone) that regulate the flow of fat (legs/arms spread/hips).When you get old, these hormones produced in the community during the IP and, therefore, the right to terminate your access to the Management Committee for oils and fats will begin to accumulate in our bodies.

Body fat is to regulate body temperature, lays down the bones of the absorption shock/bodies.Read more about some of the belly fat myths. the subcutaneous fat layer (layer closest to the skin) does not cause a health threat, if we are not obese.Visceral fat (lives deep in the body) may adversely affect us it gathers tummies (spare tire), interfere with the functioning of the liver, around, there will be an increase in the risk of diabetes, insulin, heart disease, etc you can lose fat belly first and most important step is to remove the "five c 's: candy, cookies, cake, cola and chips" from our lifestyle; limit of fried foods.

You feel that it is easy but it is all.Receive regular strength training in progress of stricter and/or aerobic exercise are particularly effective to stem the growth of fat in the abdominal muscle groups all (arms, shoulders, chest, abs, back and legs) working to reduce the fat in the belly of 10-15%. workout length must be added to Lose fat belly slow., aerobic exercises are also useful.Use the Add, you can run the more you lose fat in the belly,. Start walking, swimming, cycling and lose fat belly.

"MUFA" – mono unsaturated is healthy and good fat, which is included in all meals.If you prefer, you can choose from the following categories:

• Choose your cooking oils of different MUFA flour, in order to burn belly fat Canola/olives for the./safflower/flaxseed/Sesame/peanut/Walnut/sunflower/soybean and pesto are available on the market and you can choose anyone of these.

• In the case of seeds and nuts MUFA contain also contribute to lose fat belly. Almond butter and concentrated butter for use in the Add/cashew peanut butter//natural dry roasted cashews/dry roasted peanuts/dry roasted sunflower seeds/roasted pumpkin seeds/Brazil/walnuts/hazelnuts/pine nuts/almonds/pecans/pistachios/Cola nuts/pumpkin seeds/seeds of sunflower seed and Sesame different preparations.

• Add avocados also helps you lose fat in the diet of the abdomen

• Black and green Olives – to lose belly fat.

• Chocolate MUFAs can also add your diet to lose fat belly. semisweet chocolate if you prefer, you can: dark chocolate chips/chips/both lose fat belly, chunks of deliciously and easily.

Fat belly is very important to feel good as well as physically, as well as in to your feelings. Lose that belly is only possible if you can keep the balance between food calorie/access to and use of you save these burnt. Sedentaareja lifestyles with lack of exercise are making us fat and obese cars, mixer, grinder, makes our life easier for you to add, but the belly fat,., I hope you have enjoyed your belly fat myths this article.

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